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tmp.edb locked when archiving information store backups to tape.

Level 3
Just recently I started using the Information Store with GRT to do my Exchange backups to disk.  Previously I was using Backup Exec 11d Legacy Mailbox and Public Folder brick by brick backups.
Every other evening, I archive my Exchange backups from disk to tape, and I have never had any problems doing this.  However, I now have a problem with a file with the following error. ' Unable to open the item E:\Backup\BAUER\BAUEREMAIL\BAUEREMAIL - DIFF - MT\IMG000001\vdb_2007_12_12_1155_03\tmp.edb - skipped.'  From what I can tell, this file has not been modified or even accessed since the backup completed, but I still cannot back it up.  I even tried running it to tape via a tape job on its own, but that did not work either.  How do I unlock this file for my archive job, as now I have to manualy clean up these files.  Or, can I exclude this or any other tmp.edb files from this archive and then delete everything else?  I do not use CPS, just GRT via 11d.  I am backing up an Exchange 2003 server with up to date SPs and patches.  Backup Exec has SP2 on it.
One last item, I do have another Exchange backup running using the exact same setup except the backup goes to a different backup folder.  Would that lock the tmp.edb, or create a new one?
Thank you for your assistance.

Level 6
From what it looks like you are backing up the backup to disk folder straight to tape?  If so, this is really not recommended as it can cause many problems.  I would suggest running duplicate jobs to dump the data to tape, you will have much better results.

Level 3
The only problem I see with that is I want to automatically delete all the files in the backup to disk folder sent to tape after the tape job completes.  I cannot see a way to do this with a duplicate data job.  I cannot choose to delete the files in the job, and I cannot run a post command afterwards.  Is there a way to do this in a duplicate job?  Thank you.

Level 3
Found out that the tmp.edb file is actually created when doing a GRT restore as a staging area/file.  For some reason, the tmp.edb file was not deleted after the restore operation was canceled, which it should have been.  I restarted the Backup Exec services on my media server and the file was deleted and I was able to remove the rest of the files.
Thank you for your assistance,