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NDMP volume path name ...possible to have different paths for same /volume/dir.

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In NDMP (Netapp) is it possible to path have the same path pointing to the data?

In the backup selection the two paths look like this:

/vol_name/XXX_yyyy_00   and   /vol_name/something_root/XXX_yyyy_00

Where the second path is almost the same except it has .../something_root/... added

The NetApp admin is not interested in assisting on this and has guessed they are the same.  I don't like relying upon guesses as the data is substantial. The NDMP job was setup by my predecessors.


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Create a file in one of these locations - check if it will pop-up in the other... If so - it means it is the same... If not - you already know ;)

I am having no experience with NetAPP filers - but do have with EMC ones... unfortunately this knowledge won't be helpful here.

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If @quebek 's test shows that the paths are same, this means that the NAS admins have setup two shares for the share. The something_root share is likely used by them to manage the actual share and the actual share resides in a folder under the something_root/ folder.

This is common approach used to avoid giving users access to top-level folders in a NAS. From backup perspective, you just need to backup /vol_name/XXX_yyyy_00.