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The Impact of Hyperconverged Infrastructures on IT

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The emergence of hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) over the last five years has coincided with IT teams needing greater simplicity in supporting specific workloads while providing appropriate levels of processing and storage performance and capacity based on application mix and user needs.  By definition, hyperconverged infrastructures combine compute processing, storage, and networking (as required) within a single managed physical system. 

The HCI surge has been led by Nutanix, whose Nutanix Enterprise Cloud  along with its Prism interface have ushered in new levels of simplicity and productivity for IT teams, especially for finely “prescribed” workloads like virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  By prescribed, I’m talking about creating pre-configured amounts of processing power, storage type/capacity, and networking ideal for a specific workload type and making that pre-configured solution easy to order, install, and operate.  The end result is a complete system that is extremely easy to procure and stand up, while also being very efficient for the targeted workload(s) by offering required performance without over-configuring (thus over-spending on) too much processing or storage.

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From the Veritas viewpoint, we’ve seen increasing numbers of customers deploying hyperconverged workloads on the Nutanix platform.  As the global leader in data protection, we know from experience that many organizations cannot offer a new service (app/app mix) to their users unless they know they can protect it.  By now supporting Nutanix on Veritas NetBackup 8.1  with NetBackup Parallel Streaming, organizations can benefit from the simplicity and efficiency of Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure solutions with full confidence that all of their data associated with those workloads can be fully protected.  In addition, NetBackup CloudCatalyst  allows backups of Nutanix-based workloads to execute up to three times faster than alternative backup solutions.  And finally, Veritas CloudPoint now enables organizations to execute “snapshots” between Nutanix Enterprise Cloud virtual machines using the Acropolis hypervisor and a variety of public, private, or hybrid clouds. 

The Veritas-Nutanix partnership  is still in its early stages yet we’ve already seen extensive integration between our respective solutions.  This portends even more jointly-derived capabilities targeted at making our common customers even more efficient and effective, while ensuring that their data remains safe – wherever it resides . 

To learn more about how Veritas and Nutanix are partnering to help advance the digital transformation of our joint customers, read the press release, and view the virtual webcast event, “Is Your Data Center Multi-Cloud Ready?” at .