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4 years ago

Netbackup Offsite backup

hi, I have two identical NBU Appliance 5250. Need to configure additional backup copy (secondary copy) to offsite. 

I wish to use Windows VM and install NBU Master and Media server on offsite location. Secondary copy will be configure on each appliance to use the offsite destination as the VM.

Is this solution will work? do i need additional license

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  • BipinV 

    We're going to need a bit more details about what you have and what you are wanting to do.

    You said that you have two 5250 Veritas appliances. What version? How much storage? 

    Depending on your current licensing model, you may need to purchase additional licenses to allow AIR replication as well as licenses for another master and media. Also need to take into consideration that you'll need an MSDP pool on the remote location for the "offsite" media server.

    5250 #1 is running as a master???

    5250 #2 is running as a media server??

    Going to need more details to help iron this out. 

  • From what you wrote I understood you plan to use both 5250 in one or two locations and a 3rd location would hold the secondary copies for both 5250 backups. So in short, yes. That would work. just remember that you need enough resources on that virtual media server to be able to handle that MSDP Pool.