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2 years ago

Aptare - Getting backup clients to show up in reports ?

I have created host groups with the intent of have a host group for each supporting System Administrator and then create reports for each specific host group and send that report to that specific SysAdmin. Been working well so far, but I added some hosts to a SysAdmin host group and I'm getting backups reported for about half the list. I can't figure out how to get it to report on all the hosts in the list. The OpsCenter report shows the correct host list with current backups but Aptare appears to be skipping a few hosts in the host group list. I can't get it to report on a single host that is not being reported on in the host group report list.

What's the trigger or what should I be looking for that is causing some backup clients to be reported on and other not?

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  • Can you verify the hosts that are not showing up actually have backups?  You can verify by just running the report on the client not the host group in question.  

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      What's interesting is that backups are running and OpsCenter is showing the hosts and backup activity in the weekly report generated by OpsCenter. It's like I'm getting every other host in Aptare for these specific hosts. It is like I'm getting host A, B, D, F, G, and I but I'm not getting C, E, H. I can see them in the host list inventory in Aptare but I'm not seeing any backup activity on them. To make it even more weird, they are ALL backed up in the same backup policy on our master server - OpsCenter - all is good - Aptare - most everything is all good, but just not these few. Strange.

  • What version of the portal are you running, please?  There have been some challenges with client aliases in NBU collection.  I'm wondering if something like that may be occurring.  If you run a Job Summary report, and scope for the specific policy in question - are there any unexpected client names?

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      We are running on a RedHat 8 server. I'll check for strange client names in a job summary report.

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        FYI, the 10.6 release of the product is end of life this month.  It would be good to be thinking about upgrading the portal to the latest release.  Doing so will bring a lot of improvements and puts you in a position to have the product keep pace with NBU revisions.  The Aptare name was replaced with NetBackup IT Analytics after version 10.6  The application is still Oracle 19c based, you'll see updates to the Apache, Tomcat, etc. stacks included in the upgrade.  Are you running and NBU clusters?

  • ZenOfAnalytics 

    I do see where the Client Name is listed for some of the VM servers and the backup ID matches the client name but I also see where some of the same names have different names in the backupid. What's up with that???

  • There could be a bunch of reasons, but what comes to mind is there may be aliases for some clients which could link 2 different clients to 1 host object.  This could happen if IPs are re-used in vmware environment.  There is a setting to toggle this on and off.



  • DPeaco   can you create a simple RTD with SQL Template designer and include Host Group and client scope and data range and use this query?  This will tell you if the 7 hosts have jobs.  


    SELECT s.hostname, j.client_name, COUNT(job_id) job_count, MAX(finish_date)
    FROM apt_v_job j, apt_v_server s
    WHERE s.server_id IN (${hosts})
    AND (j.finish_date > ${startDate} OR creation_date > ${startDate})
    AND s.server_id=j.client_id (+)
    GROUP BY s.hostname, j.client_name
    ORDER BY 1