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13 years ago

Random backup failures

I have a new server running Windows Server 2008 and Backup Exec 2010.

It's equipped with a raid-SAS controller. The raid drives and the tape drive are connected to the same controller.

Jobs running on the server always fail, but for different reasons each time.

The errors are: E00084F4, E000810C, E00084C8, and R00084EB.

I know that they recommend SCSI tape drive be on it's own controller and not shared with drives on a raid, is this true for SAS as well? I can't seem to find anything on the server other than its configuration that could likely be causing the issue.

This is a virtual machine running on a ESXi host. We have other servers running in virtual machines running BE 2010 and it works fine, but these machines have SCSI tape drives on their own controller.


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