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12 years ago

Migrating DLO server from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008

Hi, I must migrate our DLO servers 6.1 (windows 2003+SQL 2005) to a new platform that will be Windows 2008 R2 with SQL 2008R2 and DLO 7.0. We have near 1000 users on one DLO server, and 500 users...
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    12 years ago

    To migrate the database and the admin server, follow the below steps:


    ·         Disable all agents from console

    ·         Perform default (standalone) installation of DLO on a new machine

    ·         Copy and replace DB files (.mdf & .ldf) from previous machine to new machine

    ·         Run the following commands from the install path on the previous machine, i.e. the existing DLO server

    DLOCommandu.exe ChangeServer –M <newserver name> -U * {this command migrates the admin server. The * stands for all users}

    DLOCommandu.exe -ChangeDB -DBserver <newserver name> -DBInstance <instance name> -DBName <DB name> 

    ·         Enable all agents from console


    The storage location will remain the same. Backups are intact. Fresh backups and restore run as expected.


    Note that the versions of DLO should be the same on both the old setup and the new setup. So, you could first upgrade the DLO to 7.0 and then perform the below steps.