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10 years ago

missing disks and reboot wont solve it

I am very new to veritas. We have AIX 7.1 server using veritas DMP. When I look at the VIO all of the virtual fibre channel adapters are logged in, but on the lpar it is failing to see any disks on f...
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    10 years ago



    First you should confirm the disk array in HCL



    Second you should confirm the configuration in the disk array should follow hardware notes:



    Many requirement settings need to do , like on AIX :


    1.Enable fail_fast on all FC initiators:

    chdev -l fscsix -a fc_err_recov=fast_fail -P where x is the specific HBA (fscsi0, fscsi1, and so forth).


    2. Enable Dynamic Tracking of FC devices for all FC initiators :

    chdev -l fscsix -a dyntrk=yes -P where x is the specific HBA (fscsi0, fscsi1, and so forth)


    3.Disable MPIO if it is enabled for certain devices:

    Install the vendor specified ODM, referring to the steps provided by the vendor. (Reboots may be required)


    4. If any path to the target disk has SCSI reserve ODM attribute set (reserve_policy or reserve_lock), then change the attributes to release the SCSI reservation from the paths, in the event to run DMP in VIOS, the DMP device will be used in cluster set-up having fencing enabled, or the shared DMP device will be used as  SANboot :

     chdev –l hdiskx –a reserve_policy=no_reserve –P Or chdev –l hdiskx –a reserve_lock=no –P Reboot the system for the changes to take effect.