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17 years ago

EV Explorer prompting for usename and password

I am using EV 6.0 sp4.  Does anyone know why a few of my users constantly get prompted for a username/password when they click on Archive explorer from outlook?  They did not recently change their password.  Thanks for any input.

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  • Make sure your EV server domain is listed in the intranet zone in IE and not the trusted zone. IE will not send the username and password to the browser if its not listed in the intranet zone.
  • Everything looks good with those settings.  Same as otheres who don't get prompted. 
  • Do these users have a proxy server configured? If so add EV server to bypass list in IE. 
    As this issue is user specific rather than server specific there is going to be deinately a setting in IE that is different. Log on a user with the issue onto a machine that does not have the issue, does the issue still occur?
    Log a user who does not have the issue onto a machine where a user has the problem, does the issue occur?
    (Ensure the users you are testing with do not already have a cached profile on the machines you are testing them with  - Also you need to ensure not using roaming profile for this test or rename them for testing etc). 
    You can now identify if this issue is machine specific or user specific.  My hunch is it is will be user specific in which case you need to really check everything carefully set in IE as it is highly likely to be some ME IE security setting somewhere.
  • When this has happened with us in the past, it was almost always that the user was not logging into their machine with the asme credentials they are using for their mailbox.
    Even if they have correctly logged into their mailbox, when opening Archive Explorer they will be prompted for username and password if they used different credentials when logging into their machine.