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11 days ago

Attachments in Mails - EnterprsieVault

Some users only see a link to existing mail attachments in EnterpriseVault. How can the attachment be displayed and opened directly without having to click on the aforementioned link to download the attachment?

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  • There are a lot of unanswered details to help you get the best answer but generally speaking, in a properly configured client, a request to open the message or to restore the message (via toolbar or other application options if available ) then there would be a near seamless experience and the attachment would be present. 

    If you are pre-viewing the message and clicking on the link... this may be why you experience this... it is only the shortcut you are previewing. 

    Nearly every "I cannot retrieve my attachment" instance I have ever encountered has really been a deeper instance of something busted, normally that was there for a long long time... but the shortcut previews were verbose enough to only make EV missed when an attachment was unavailable. 

    If you are double-clicking on a message and wondering why you still need to click a link, you likely have something larger busted than just getting attachments. From your description I would bet your client integration is not working as you would like.