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9 years ago

EV10 Mac OS client compatibility with EV Server version?

I've been reading and re-reading the Mac sections of the Compatibility Guide (June 1, 2015 version) and can't seem to find the EV client/server compatibility matrix for Mac OS EV client.

Basically, need to confirm if the EV10 Mac OS client is compatible with EV11 server?


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  • hey dan, how's it going?

    the general statement from Symantec/Veritas about EV client/server compatibility is +/- 1 EV version so from that standpoint you should be covered

  • My strongest recommendation is to us the EV-IMAP for the Mac users, it is much more functional.


  • Thanks Andrew. I didn't want to assume that the Mac OS client was covered in the "Enterprise Vault Server support for Add-Ins" section of the Compatibility Guide. But I guess the wording allows for that. Trying to cover all bases in preparation for an upgrade.