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16 years ago

FSA and Journaling to Centera



We are presently doing FSA (Copy and reset) no shortcuts and putting our data on a Centera


We are also doing Journaling to the same Centera and the same Pool on the Centera


If we enable shortcutting i know it will have no effect on the storage capicity of the Centera since the files are already in there.


What happens if we decide to activate Maillbox archiving?


Since all emails are already in the Centera from the Journaling. Will our used space suddenly grow or will it just grow with Journaling as it is now since the files are in the Centera already?



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  • Just fyi, at this time, if you wish to change the FSA to make shortcuts, this will only affect new items that are archived and will not result in placeholders for the items already processed.
  • so all the data we have already ingested into the archive there is no way to shortcut the data already ingested?


    thats just silly



    there has to be a way to activate it

  • Unfortunately, the thing with the shortcuts is true AFAIK.

    Will be improved in the next version.


    As for the Centera, if you write journaling & mailbox data to the same vault store partition, it should single instance in EV. If you do not, it *SHOULD* single instance in the Centerra, I'm 90% sure here, so you may want to get another opinion ;)



  • If the Centera is using the standard M (MD5) naming scheme (most likley) then you will get SIS on the Centera. It does take up a small bit of space as it will create new CDF - Content Descriptor File, to point to the Blob that contains the file that is single instanced. So you will have 1 CDF for the journal and 1 CDF for the mailbox. Each CDF is 27 bytes.


    I would also be looking at having separate pools for each different kind of archiving if it's not too late;

     EG ; Journaling Pool, Email Pool, FSA Pool ... etc as its easier to manage, view usage and control access.


    SIS will still work between pools on the same Centera. It all comes down to if there is already a file on there with the same MD5# then it has the same Content Address and will just create the new CDF and point to the existing file (blob).