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5 years ago

AIR Import jobs not starting after reinstall NetBackup

Hello specialists,

I have a question about not starting AIR Import jobs after we reinstalled 1 of the masters on a new server with newer Windows version and restored the Catalog.
We run NetBackup 8.1.2 on W2016 Datacenter (on the old server it was Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter), we write to Data Domains and replicate with AIR.

Before shutting down 1 of the old masters we stopped Replication on both masters with "nbstlutil inactive -destination *Remote*Master*".
After succesfull installation of NetBackup and restore of the Catalog (we kept the same hostname and IP for the new server) we activated replications again with "nbstlutil active -destination *Remote*Master*".
After some 30 minutes replications started on both masters, imports started on the not-reinstalled master.
However on the reinstalled master import jobs did not start for over 12 hour.

I tried different solutions from this forum to no result.

We have a small test environment with a 3rd and 4th master writing to the same Data Domains to completely different mtrees as the production environment. These test mtrees (both source and target) are of course not configured in the production environment.
Now the trick:
After configuring on the reinstalled master a Diskpool and STU on the test mtrees the imports began to run.

So my problem has been solved but in a somewhat illogical way.
Can this be explained?

Kind regards, Peter

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  • Hello,

    so other automatic/scheduled operations are working here (primary backups, replications to not-reinstalled server)?

    SLP windows for Import phase are open? Time zone set as before?

    "nbstlutil report" on the reinstalled server is showing images with unfinished SLP import?



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      Hi Michal, sorry for not replying sooner, I have been away suddenly.

      All scheduled operations are working.
      Import and Replication Windows are open for 24 hours a day.
      "nbstlutil report" is showing only a few images now, since we managed to get thing working again, allbeit with an illogical method.

      Regards, Pete