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4 years ago

Can't see Backup image from some client (Backup, Archive and Restore) after nbreplicate

Hi !

yesterday I used the nbreplicate for replicate about 33 images from NB Domain A to NB domain B. (MSDP)

The replication was a success and the import was OK also  on the Master of domain B.

Next, I go in "Backup, Archive and Restore" of the Master of domain B to see all images I replicated.

About 3/4 of images are there and the 1/4 was not .

If I check in the catalog, ALL images are there....  Someone know why this happend ?


Thanks !


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  • laguns97were those images belong to only one client or different clients ? If multiple clients are involved then try switching Source client names in Backup Archive Restore GUI and it should show you rest of images.

    Hope it helps.

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      Hi !

      it's a weird problem... everything is there, the only problem is we need to select "Virtual Machine Backups" for the restore type for these images.  Why... I don't know !


      Thanks !!