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11 years ago

error while opening Java Console

Hello All,

We are facing one issue

we have one master server running on a Linux VM. One ops center installed on a Windows server 2008 R2

Currently we are able to open the Netbackup Administrator Console  for the master server from our Opscenter by conecting it via RDP but we are unable to open theNetbackup Java console on the same.
Getting error as "invalid user name or password".
We have added the the user name in the auth.conf file as well.
We are succesfully able to  open the Java console  if we give the name of the Opscenter.

any Help in this regards will be apreciated

  • Try creating a single local user account for accessing the java console on the root.

    and make the entry of the same user in bp.conf file.

    I guess this should work...

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