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6 years ago

Exclude non-existing directory in back up.

Hi, I have a policy with backup selections (/home/user1/directory1). This policy has 3 clients on it. However, the other 2 clients does not have /home/user1/directory1. What i did is to add /home/u...
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    6 years ago


    I have just read your opening post again. This is what I see:

    1. 3 Clients in Client List
    2. Only 1 line in Backup Selection : /home/user1/directory1
    3. Only 1 of the 3 clients (Client1) actually has /home/user1/directory1 folder.
    4. You do NOT want Client2 and Client3 to run automatic backups  (e.g. Full or incr) for /home/user1/directory1. 
      Client2 and 3 will run user backups under User Schedule in the same policy to backup something totally different (will be specified in bpbackup command).

    Is this correct? 

    This will not work. Automatic schedules WILL be started for Client1, Client2 and Client3 for whatever is in Backup Selection.
    If they do not have the path specified in Backup Selection, the backup will fail with status 71 for those 2 clients. 

    If you ONLY want User Backups for Client2 and 3, create a separate policy with those 2 client names, only a User schedule, and nothing in Backup Selection.


    Rules for Backup Selection and multiple clients in NBU 7.7 Admin Guide I:

    Backup Selections tab

    The Backup Selections tab contains a list of what to back up on each client, host, or instance when NetBackup runs an automatic schedule (for example, a full backup). The list does not apply to user backups or archives, where users select the objects to back up before they start the operation.
    The backup selections list can contain the following:
    ■ Paths that identify the location of files or directories
    ■ Directives,

    The list applies to each client (or host, instance, or database) in the policy. Every file on the list does not need to exist on all of the clients. NetBackup backs up the files that it finds that are on the backup selections list. However, each client must contain at least one of the files in the backup selections list.
    Otherwise, the backup fails with status code 71
    (none of the files in the file list exist).