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6 years ago

Inventory robot returns "Volume configuration is up-to-date with robot contents"

Good Morning Netbackup collective.

A bit of background we are running NBU 8.0 on hybrid windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2. Master server 2k8R2 and media servers 2k12R2 (Don't ask). :(

We commissioned a new Quantum i6 with LTO7 drive robot. It has 200 slots and 25 for the Media Access Slot. The first tapes came back from off site to go back into the robot and here lies my issue. When I inventory the robot the robot returns "Volume configuration is up-to-date with robot contents" I can see the tapes in the MAP through the robot GUI. I ran robtest with the "s s" and it has returned the correct number of slots and I have run "scan -changer"  and that looks ok as well.

scan -changer output:

Device Name  : "Changer1"
Passthru Name: "Changer1"
Volume Header: ""
Port: 5; Bus: 0; Target: 11; LUN: 1
Inquiry    : "QUANTUM Scalar i3-i6    154G"
Vendor ID  : "QUANTUM "
Product ID : "Scalar i3-i6    "
Product Rev: "154G"
Serial Number: "QUANTUMFFC1728013_LLA"
WWN          : ""
WWN Id Type  : 0
Device Identifier: "QUANTUM FFC1728013_LLA
Device Type    : SDT_CHANGER
NetBackup Robot Type: 8
Removable      : Yes
Device Supports: SCSI-3
Number of Drives : 8
Number of Slots  : 200
Number of Media Access Ports: 25
Drive 1 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A140"
Drive 2 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A148"
Drive 3 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A134"
Drive 4 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A120"
Drive 5 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A128"
Drive 6 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A114"
Drive 7 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A000"
Drive 8 Serial Number      : "D3FC73A008"
Flags : 0x0
Reason: 0x0

I am at a bit of a loss of what to do next. The robot is aware that the tapes are in the robot. If I move a tape from a slot to the MAP and inventory the robot it detects the tape that has been plced in the slot but ignores the other 3 tapes which I am trying to inventory back into the robot. I have added VERBOSE to vm.conf and the event logs are not giving much away. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  • OK here is the solution by default the the Quantum i6 out the box only allows the injecting of the media from the MAP vai the LCD screen on the front panel. You have to use the robots interface to change this behaviour. Select Library then on the right hand side under the operations panel select Configuration then settings, In the Settings popup under "IE Assignment Mode" change the setting from "Local UI Assignment to "Remote UI/HOST Assignment".

    Just goes to show everyday is a school day. Thanks to everyone who responded your guidance is greatly appreciated.:smileyhappy:

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  • You did select the 'Empty media Access Port Prior to update' ick box didn't you ????

    If you did, I would just reinventory the library but fist move the tapes in NBU to standalone.

    Move the tapes to standalone ... select in GUI, right click -> move -> untick the box that says 'Volume is in a robotic library'

    Then re-inventory library

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      Many thanks for your response. Yes I have ticked "Update Volume configuration " and "Empty media access point prior to update" The tape is currently assigned to an offsite Volume group and the tapes that I am trying to inventory is in the MAP 

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        Can we see what the robot reports w.r.t. MAP contents?
        Please show us output of 's p' in robtest.


        If may ask ask a silly question here - can you confirm that there are sufficient empty slots in the robot for the tapes in the MAP? 
        Here output of 'vmcheckxxx -rn <robot-number> -rt tld' will help.  
        You may want to redirect the output to a .txt file.