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13 years ago

media mismatch

i ran an inventory and i saw tha tapes is in scratch but there is a conflict.

Media id is not matching with the barcode label.

meedia id:NDLA



What are the steps to corect this?


  • Yes, that is what I was trying to explain.

    There is a LOT of mis-understanding about NetBackup and tapedrive / llibraries.

    Two of the most important things to remember :

    First (before I get shot down ....)  - the following statements are meant to cover 99% of cases ... yes, there might be a bug etc ... but that is a lot lot less likely than some other cause, and as such, based on whatever evidence I see, I would not consider this until the most likey causes are eliminated.

    For the record, I have only ever seen 1 case of robtest not working that was caued by NBU, and you are very very unlikely to see this < (and then, only if you have ACSLS).  

    1.  Everything you see in robtest is sent from the robot.  If it is wrong it is a fault with the library, not NetBackup.  The ONLY bit of NetBackup that robtest uses is the <device file> to contact the library.

    As I mentioned, I wanted you to use robtest to see the barcodes, and then if necessary, configre them via the library.

    2.  NetBackup DOES NOT write to tape - ever.  The data is sent from NetBackup to the operating system.  Although NetBackup supplies the buffer size, it is the operating system that carries out the writes (and reads) from tape, as well as positioning.

    It is certainly possible however, for NBU to cause tape write fails etc ... as the buffer sizes / number buffers come into play, but these cases are failrly easy to spot.  Out side of this, there are very very few reasons for NBU to cause tape issues.   It is failrly safe to say that :

    Errors that mention 'ioctl' 

    Anything that mentions TAPEALERT 

    ASC/ ASCQ errors

    mt 'postion errors'  (eg. MTREW failed)

    'External event caued rewind'

    ... and many more.


    This TN 

    was written to attemt to get troubleshooting for various errors (listed in the TN) started in the right place - yes there are exceptions (and the TN mentions some) , but developing good troubleshooting skill means knowing where to start looking.

    I would estimate that the vast majority of tape/ library cases I deal with should never have been opened, as the cause is nothing to do with NBU.

    Just because NBU reports an error, DOES NOT mean Netbackup CAUSED the error.  



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