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8 years ago

NDMP incremental forever.

Hi all.

My customer has a huge EMC Isilon NAS, containing 2.4 Pb of data. All is not backed up, but some folders are.

These contains typically up to 80 TB of data. A full backup will run NDMP backup to tape and take 2-3 weeks to complete, so we need to avoid full backups.

Users are filling folders when a project is finished, in order to save files to tape. RL = 5 years. The specific folder will then contain previously backed up data. So we will backup using a diff inc schedule. Users adds files and folders in a ad hoc way.

This works fine for a few days, after a FULL has run. And then it reverts to FULL and

We can see that backup level 9 has been reached, and a diff inc is previous backuplevel +1.

We want to run a diff incr forever, not having to use FULL schedules. How can we do that?

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