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8 years ago

NDMP Restore to Different Location (NetApp C-mode)



MasterServer: Window Server 2012 R2

Netbackup Version :

NetApp Version :9 C-MODE

Can anyone help me to restore NDMP to different location. When I restore file to different folder , it show "ERROR: restore not initial: the restore failed to recover the requested file (5)"

1. How to configuration restore NDMP to different folder?

2. If I want to restore files to different volume,how to do it.

3. What are log files to solve this issue


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  • What was the original backup path?
    Which path are you trying to restore to?

    Can you copy all the text in Job details and post it here?

    Have you seen the following under 'Known restrictions' in NetApp section of NetBackup for NDMP: NAS appliance information ?

     When restoring files, if the NetApp filer does not use Direct Access Recovery
    (DAR), the destination path that you specify for the restore must end with the
    original folder and file name. If the original backup path
    was/vol/vol1/mydir/myfile, the destination path for the restore must end
    with /mydir/myfile. Otherwise, NetBackup appends /mydir/myfile to the
    end of the destination path.
    For more details on DAR, and to determine whether DAR has been disabled in
    NetBackup, refer to the NetBackup for NDMP Administrator's Guide.