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12 years ago

Netbackup - Remote Admin Console EMM Errors

I have a NBU installation with the master server on W2K8R2, 5230 Appliances as Media Servers - and am just adding a number of RAC's.

NBU Master is 7506, RAC is 7506.

I have installed the RAC software onto the Windows PC's, added the Master & Media server names to the RAC Server list, added the RAC PC names to the Master Server 'additional server' lists - but am getting EMM 92 and EMM 77 errors.

I can start the RAC on the PC and all seems to connect and startup OK.  When I select the Activity Monitor screen it hangs for a while and then I get the EMM 92 error.  It then goes on to display the jobs OK but no Topology picture.  If I select Device Monitor, again it hangs then I get the EMM 77 error.

I can run BPCLNTCMD from the Master to the RAC OK, and vice versa.  In the nbemm log on the master server I am seeing a number of potential issues:

1. it states that peeraddr a.b.c.d is not a Netbackup Server  (a.b.c.d is IP address of the RAC PC)

2. it states that 'ServiceContex credentials not found'

I am launching the RAC 'as administrator' on the RAC, I have the NBU services on the RAC running as the same account as the services on the Master server.

I noted from an old technote that there is a registry entry for EMMSERVER (although it may be outdated now), and this wasn't there on my RAC PC.  I added this with the Master Server name as the entry but no difference.

I am really confused (and frustrated) at this point.........

Any pointers ?


  • Sounds like Hosts files should sort this out for you but try a ping -a against the 1.2.x.x. address of the PC to see what name it resolves as on that network - you may need to add that as a valid server instead

  • OK - problem now resolved.  (fell at the last hurdle due to fat-fingers when  editing the host file on the master server).


    Add the 1.2.x.x address for each of the RAC PC's to the host file on the master server with both the FQDN and the Shortname as returned by the ping -a 1.2.x.x command issued against each of the RAC PC's to override DNS and force the traffic down the 1.2.x.x interface of the RAC PC's. 

    Add the name (as returned by the ping -a 1.2.x.x command issued against each of the RAC PC's) to the Additional Servers on the Master Server Properties.

    Removed the EMMSERVER entry from the registry on the RAC PC (added for PD)

    Reverted the NBU services on the RAC PC to run under Local Service Account


    All works OK.


    Many thanks for all the input.


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