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10 years ago

Netbackup 7.6 compatiblity

Hi Team


I need some help regarding with comnpatiblity of Netbackup 7.6. I am using esxi 5.5 and i install virtual machine of Server 2012 r2.

after the instalation of Netbackup master server it did not open the console and gave the following error. Kindly guide either it is due to compatible with esxi virtual machine or not.

  • 1. can i install both the master and media server on same or i do not need edia server as backup will be maintain in tape library

    Vm sever does not support the tape library , so you need to have the Physical media server.

    2. did i have to manage ports and which ports should be used f i go through manual instalation.

    leave setting as default if you dont have mulitple networks

    3 i provide the same name of master server to the server in which i am installing but still have the both issue. also it shows 2 names "nbumaster" and  "nbuserver (actual host server name)" through which i have to login

    where it is showing the both names? and what is the name that you have given when you were installing the netbackup software?

    are you able to ping the hostname that you have given?

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