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11 days ago

Netbakcup 10.4 WebUI edit polciy for oracle type can't choose!

Next page button can't be clicked. You can see I have selected 11 database while I can't see and click the next page.

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  • What happens if you only select 1 database? Is this grayed out only when selecting more than 1? It looks like a limitation

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      Always gray,but I think it's only a problem when I selected more than ten. selecting 1 database the next button should be gray.

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        I'm trying to setup a lab for this to see if I can reproduce. Once I have more information, I will update here

  • My environment :


    OS: Oracle Linux 8.10 (5.15.0-207.156.6.el8uek.x86_64) ,

    Chrome 126.0.6478.127(newest)

    clients and

    All databases were auto discovered with OS certicication.

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      As a workaround ,I use command bpplclients.
      bpplclients – administer clients within NetBackup policies