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4 years ago

Reissue token from master using CLI

Hi, is it possible to reissue token via CLI in the master server? My master runs on a Windows OS and having the 8.2 version ( soon will be upgraded to 8.3). I want to silently get the reissue token details from master as a requirement for the silentclient.cmd reinstallation of NetBackup client in client server. This is part of the automation process that I've been working and can't seem to execute any command. I don't want any human intervention in between. Any chance to do that in master server? Thanks!

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  • You can reissue token for the client on master-server like this:

    bpnbat -login -logintype WEB
    nbcertcmd -createToken -name <token_name> -reissue -host <host_name>
  • Edit: Ignore my post, I thought you were looking for commands to do this from CLI manually.



    .\nbcertcmd.exe -getcertificate -host CLIENT.NAME -server MASTERSERVER -token TOKENCODE


  • You may use the following to administrate the certificate. 

    nbcertcmd.exe -getcertificate -host CLIENT.NAME -server MASTERSERVER -token TOKENCODE