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13 years ago

status: 83: media open error

i came in this morning and all of my backups starting at 4:08am started failing with error 83.  I have rebooted my systems and even upgraded to version because i found an article saying it fixed a dedup issue when using 5200 appliances.  I have seen nothing in my environement to indicate what could have caused this.

My environment is a single master server backing up to two 5200 (2.1) appliances.  Everything has been working flawlessly for weeks.   


any have any ideas?

  • After working with support for several days an EEB file was sent to me that I applyed to both of my appliances. Now everything is back to normal.

    i dont really know what the patch was for but it worked. They still are telling me this has nothing to do with updating my master server to but that is the only thing that changed in my netbackup environment within the last few weeks.

    Oh well its fixed. Thank you guys so much for all your help here.


    Sorry i cant provide better information for anyone else that might run into this 

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