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9 years ago

Zoning of tape drives with Media Server


I have 4 Media servers and I want to zone my 13 tape drives with those media servers in SSO environment. Can anyone please guide me step by step procedusre to follow?

  • Initial thoughts in the spreadsheet attached.



    N1) Some servers have to serve four tape drives.  If the media servers have not been sized/scoped properly, they might not be able to actually achieve that.

    N2) If a server was lost, then are the remaining three servers even capable of efficiently serving the additional tape drives.

    N3) AFAIK, multi-pathing of tape is still not supported - so, a question to ask oneself is:   How does one manage re-configuring either zoning and/or opening ports and re-discovering tape drives in the event of any of these circumstances:

    - loss of entire fabric

    - loss of one server

    - loss of one path to one tape drive

    ...what I'm trying to do... is get you thinking... what you will see below is that we implement all required zones, but because we persistently disable one of the SAN switch ports facing each of the tape drives, then this effectively manages the 'visibility' and thus actual usage of teh tape drives.

    N4) Personally, I would implement all the zoning to support what might appear to be multi-pathing, but - N.B: - keep one of the paths to each tape drive down at all normal times by persistently disabling the SAN switch port facing the tape drive port which is not normally used.

    N5) You will control which tape drive ports are visible by either persistently enabling or persistently disabling specific SAN switch ports that face tape drives.  You will NOT be controlling which tape drive ports/paths are visible by enabling/disabling the SAN switch ports facing the media servers.

    N6) This initial thinking assumes that the Quantum i6000 IOSB modules will not be used as a kind of fencing gateway to tape paths.  If you do want to control tape drive 'visibility' from the Quantum i6000 itself then all my thinking in this first round is shot to pieces.

    N7) In the spreadsheet you will see a couple of 'blue' names/zones - these are the ones that were manually moved to balance the distribution of tape drives.

    N8) It's still not clear what models the tape drives are, thus... it may yet transpire that you simply do not have enough media server ports to fully serve 3, let alone 4, tape drives from any given media server.


    Spreadsheet is here:   vvvVVVvvv

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