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8 years ago

Automate / Script System Recovery Policy Creation

Hi Gurus,

Would like to seek for your advice regarding our current situation - deploy VSR 2016 on 3 sites with about 80 - 200 machines each. No VSR central management. Backup will be dumped to shared drive.

We've gone past the installation part, but I would like to ask for your advice / suggestions how to go about automating / scripting creation of backup policies. Only a handful will have peculiar backup selection/destination/retention, so it would be extremely helpful if we can automate creation of policies for similar machines.

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  • Is there any particular reason why you are not using central management?

    The VSR Management Solution is specifically designed to provide policy-based central management, so would seem a good fit for what you want to do here.

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      Hi criley,

      I agree. Unfortunately, all I know (as part of implementation team) is that the customer didn't purchase that solution. That's why post sales team is scouring for an efficient way to get this done sans the central management tool.

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        The Management Solution is actually free.... you only need the client licenses (which I assume you already have).

        You just need a dedicated 2008 R2/2012 R2 server to host the management server.