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BE2010R3 SP1 still showing in LiveUpdate even after installation



Some time ago I installed the SP1 for the Backup Exec 2010R3 version and even the follow up hotfix. Everything is OK and in Help->About I see that both updates are installed. However when I re-run the LiveUpdate, I still get the Service Pack 1. Which of cause I can't reinstall....

Any ideas how I can get past this update and receive the follow up upates ?



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Hi   I think best would be to



I think best would be to check in add remove programs if those 2 update sp1 & hotfix are shown & if yes may be try uninstalling them & then using live update run the updates again should fix the issue



Hi,   You can also try



You can also try running a repair installation of BE to see if this fixes any issues before uninstalling the patches and would be a quicker way of starting the troubleshooting anyway.



Some users have reported

Some users have reported success after they manually install SP1 again. You can download SP1 here