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ApplicationHA is an easy-to-use solution that provides high availability for business-critical applications through application visibility and control in VMware, Solaris LDOM, IBM LPAR, and KVM environments.
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Veritas Cluster Server keeps your most important applications running 24x7 with no manual intervention and automates your disaster recovery plans with predictable results and efficiency.
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Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing and Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware improves storage I/O performance and availability across physical and virtual heterogeneous server and storage platforms using intelligent algorithms and load balancing.
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Discussion area for multiple Storage Foundation High Availability management products and tools.
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Provides world-class, cost effective continuous data replication enabling rapid recovery of critical applications at remote recovery sites across any distance using IP networks.
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Data protection solutions providing a unified approach to recovery in the case of disaster, for automated recovery across any distance to physical, virtual, or cloud with the predictability required in the enterprise.
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Veritas Risk Advisor supports availability, data protection and system performance through identifying and reporting on risks.
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