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Mailboxes won't archive as all item are ineligible

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I have an issue which is a bit odd.

i have a 90 day archive policy and a 90 day with 90days of short cuts policy that both work prefectly however. we need to clear down some users to 60 days and some disabled users to 1 day and removal of all short cuts.

i created a new policy and a new provisioning group for both groups of users and then added test users into the group and left it to run for a few days.

after a couple of days i noticed the test users hadn't archived. upon investigation i have discovered that archive server is reporting that the test box is uptodate as all mails are ineligible for Archiving  and we always be ineligble for archive. my first thought was that i had missed something in the archivable items but it's the same as the working policy.

i've double check the policies and they are the same except for the 2 months instead of 3 month. and short cut deletion policy.

i've now re created the policy and reprovisioned the user and get the same result.

any advise would be great as i'm at a loss.

for reference i found the information in the archive report for the exchange server under Items Ineligible under policy.


thanks in advance



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What are the message class of the items in the mailbox? 

Were they previously archived and then restored?

Also, what version of EV?

Level 3

in the mailbox are straight up emails.

no they havn't been archived and then restored

Ev version


the policy is set to archive ipm.document Note and Post. only the same as the one that works the only thing i haven't done is move the test user back to the 90 day policy to see if that kicks it into life.


Level 4

Are we sure that the new policies are synched to the test users? If not first synch the test users and then try to do a run-now in report or archive mode.