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Virtual Machine with MHVTL and ISCSI targets for testing purposes


I prepared VMware virtual machine (Workstation 7) with Ubuntu 10.04 x64 Server, MHVTL, SCST, iScsi-scst.
I used scripts, configuration and guides from MHVTL forum.

MHVTL is open source VTL for linux systems which emulates robots and drives (with compression). It is a very nice feature for testing purposes when physical library is not available.

Some details about my VM:
Kernel: updated with scst patches
VLT: Version - 0.18-7, Robot - QUANTUM PX720, Drives - 4x SDLT600 - Configured as a ISCSI targets
Storage:100GB ext4 LVM, thin provisioned disk

Testing env.- NetBackup 7.0.1RC1 installed on Windows 2008 x64 R2.
Backup and restore works fine :)))

I will upload it somewhere and update this post with more info.

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~385.MB RAR, password:

~385.MB RAR, password: mhvtl_mk

Details about operating system:
IP: (you should to change it in /etc/network/interfaces)
user: user1, password: user1

After reconfiguration open iScsi Initiator and add IP address of VM to configuration, it automaticly detects 5 targets (1 robot and 4 drives)


A thank you


I just wanted to say thanks for putting this out to the public. Testing is really important to learning the product. 

As a side comment to everyone who uses this the creator (Mark) of the VTL works for Symantec and created this project on his own time (he codes it on his train ride to work). If you decide to use this please send a big thanks his way.



Thank  you  Marek,

Very appreciated.  I am planning to write netbackup 6.x exam. I found your appliance very useful, although I have not started working with it yet. Still some configration to do.

If some one needs to run the VM in ESX , you have to import the machine by using Vmware Converter. A direct usage has resulted in power on failure. The disk format was not ok with ESX.


Re: Virtual Machine with MHVTL and ISCSI targets for testing purposes

hi marek,

can you please upload that file once again ,


Re: Virtual Machine with MHVTL and ISCSI targets for testing purposes

Re: Virtual Machine with MHVTL and ISCSI targets for testing purposes

Thanks a lot.. for uploading ...

root password for mtvtl vmware image ..

hi marek,

i am very thankfull to you if you tell  root password for that vmare image file.

Veerendra Patil

Re: Virtual Machine with MHVTL and ISCSI targets for testing purposes

Hi.. On Ubuntu there is no root account activated for default.

If you want to be root open apps with sudo or switch to root by "sudo su -" and enter password for user1.


Thanks For reply

Hi Marek,

Thanks for your reply...

Veerendra Patil

mhvtl with NBU7 running on solaris 10 update 9

Hi Guys,

Any one had successfully configured mhvtl with NBU7 running on Solaris 10 via iSCSI ?


Unable to configure the medium changer

Hi Merek,

I have successfully set IP in VM , I have added the same IP in my backup server iSCSI inititor and I am able to see Tapes and Medium changer .

All the Drives and , Medium changer were shown as unknown . I have downloaded the Drivers for

Quantum SDLT 600 and installed there after I am able to see the Drives ,


But my Medium changer still shown as "  Unknown Media changer ".


Any clue what to do for this

I am using :

Os : Windows 2003 32 Bit

Backup Tool : NetBackup 6.5


Your help is very much appreciated

Thanks & Regards


You don't have to install

You don't have to install drivers for medium changer. Drivers are only needed for tape drives. You can run device donfig wizard and NB will detect robot and drives.


standalone drive

See this pict.


Why only 1 robot with empty drive and 4 standalone drive?

Im Using Netbackup 7.0

Windows Server 2008 Sp1 64bit.


Pls advice,

Please Answer

Mr. Marek.


How about my problem? blush

DL Links are down


Will you please update the download links for the VM, all are down and I want to test it with BE and NBU.