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8 years ago

Full backup sets missing, incremental are available


I am backing up weekly fulls and daily incementals. Under job history it shows each full backup but under backup sets the full backup is missing.

We're backing up to tape and each day the tape is switched. 

Anyone have an ide what;s going on here?




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  • That doesn't sound good. Do you see your data under restore selections? In Backup Exec 10.x under restore selections you can switch between media view. Does it show the full? Can you determine the tape from this view? This may help you track down the full media.

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      Hi, I am actually using 2014. In the attached pictures we can see the backup sets with the missing full backup and the Job history with the successful FULL backups on Saturday
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        From the screenshot of the backup sets view, it looks like the button to show dependent sets is highlighted (in ribbon menu at top). Try clicking that button off to display all backup sets.