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10 years ago

how to restore system state backup on win 2012


This is salman i have symantec backup exec 2012 version 14, i have 5 windows 2012 standard machines 2 physical and 3 are on virtual. i am taking backup daily C with system state of all machine but i want to test restore option in case of any disaster in real environment.


For example i installed win2012 standard machine on virtual give same RAM Processor and partition size,  and i want to restore system state with "complete online restore of a computer, or restore system components" but after selection of this option i cant see restore, means destination machine.


One more thing when i edit on backup rule simplified disaster recovery is OFF


Please help



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  • You can only restore the system state back to the same machine. If your test machine had a different name then you would not be able to restore the system state. SDR light is off because you have deselected some disks
  • "complete online restore of a computer, or restore system components" option is chosen when doing an actual DR and not for a test.

    To test the recovery, either use SDR or if you prefer a manual method, then will have to do so in a test environment (build up a BE server and the remote server in a test environment)