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11 years ago

Nightmare due to licensing error

When the company I am working for bought some licenses from BE Server and Windows agents, the license documents were issued for a wrong company name. The error was made by our reseller and we recently discovered it.

I asked Symantec to reassign the licenses to the correct license owner, but had no luck so far.

After providing all sorts of documents that should prove the error made by the reseller, Symantec keeps on annoying me with requests to send documents. These requests contain lots of abbreviations/ambiguous things which I can not figure out how to handle.

Currently my patience has come to an end. My manager asked me how far the task of transering the licenses currently evolved. After reporting the troubles with Symantec, he is so upset that he will not continue to purchase support licenses for Back Exec. I will be using precious time evaluating other products to backup our infrastructure. I do not have time to struggle with customer support because of an error we did not make.

I do not have an issue with customer support normaly. When asking Veeam and VMWare support for help in the same topic, they did help immediately without much unneccessary paper overhead.

Thanks for reading. I am done.

  • Peter, 

          I have seen a few communications being exchanged in regard to your licensing issue. It would appear to have been resolved... How are things looking from your end??

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