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15 years ago

Restoring Exchange store gives 0xe0008488

I have need to restore an old copy of a message store from 5 years back.  We need to search for emails for legal reasons.  Nearly all of the accounts in this store are no longer in Active Directory.  I'm just letting you know this beforehand.  What I want to do is restore this old copy into a recovery storage group without mounting the store and then search against it.  Seems simple enough but I cannot get Backupexec to restore.  Whenever I try I get "0xe0008488 - Access is denied etc..." The problem is that I can restore single mailboxes from the "brick" part of the backup just not the entire store and I want to know why.  I've verified all account informaiton and it's all correct and been verified multipel times.  Testing shows that all accounts test successful.

When I execute the restore it begins, shows 188 bytes and then hangs for about 10minutes before coming back with the above error.  Can anyone shed any light on what I need to do to get this working?  All I want is the raw store from tape.  That's the goal.

Backup Exec 10d r5629, Exchange 2003 SP2


  • I finally solved this one.  After looking back through Craigs stuff it looks as if he's using 11d or later so I dissmissed that info out of version differences. It seems that when using the RSG feature of Exch 2003 there is an issue with pointing the RSG database files to a drive other than the live Exch drive. They must go to the same drive.   They were originally going to an external USB drive, which I could never make work. Once I changed the destiniation to a location on the drive that currently holds the live Exch stores, it worked. 

    Now, I could not do this originally because, of course, I did not have enough space on that drive to do the restore, hence the USB drive.  I then ended up doing some housekeeping and was able to cleanup the drive to gain enough space to do a restore to an RSG.  It is a lame duck attempt by MS though.  Anyone who's dealt with Exch enough knows the hassle of dealing with not having enough disk space (for whatever reason) and not being able to redirect to another drive is just stupid. Maybe 2010 is better.  Not sure I'll be moving to it...  $.02


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