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9 years ago

Snapshots not remove after backup on Hyper-v server


I'm using the latest version of Backup Exce V-RAY edt for Hyper-V (Windows 2012): Backup exec 15 Feature Pack 3.

I performed Virtual-Based backup like recommanded. Once done, in the Hyper-v console, i see for ALL VM that snapshots are presents. These snapshots cannot be remove with Hyper-v console. There is no option to manage the snapshot.

I found a way to remove them via powershell. But, each time a backup is performed, snapshots aren't deleted/merged.

My question is: is-it normal that Backup exec doesn't remove the snapshot used for the backup when we use Virtual-based backup ? This snapshots are time and space consuming ....





  • Have a look @ this thread -

    And this KB -

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  • Have a look @ this thread -

    And this KB -