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6 years ago

deleting exchange archives and cleaning up vault store storage

We are removing exchange archives.  I have deleted a bunch of archives by marking them for deletion and they have disappeared from the EV console.  But the size of our Vault Store drive is still going up?  What is the proper way to delete the old data from the deleted archives?

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  • Hi,

    when did you start the deletion process of the archives?

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      WE've been migrating mailboxes since mid 2018 and I have been deleting archives starting October 2018.  The last time I deleted a mailbox was in early Feb 2019.

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        Check this article HERE

        Additionally check THIS KB.

        The growth you see possibly is the extracting of CAB files (if you used collections), to allow migrations. If you stopped archiving, the extracted files will not be removed. check your storage for *.archcab/*.archdvs/*.archdvssc and *archdvssp files. You probably have some