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6 years ago

Enterprise Vault exporting to original mailbox

Hi everyone


I am currently moving from Exch 2010 to Exch 2013 and need all the users data migrated back into their MB from the Vault.  We will no longer require the vault for archiving these users just to mnigrate the mail back to exchange.  Do you know what is needed to migrate the data! we don not want to implement all the permssions just a write to the MB.


Many thanks

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  • Johnathan1234

    I have moved your post to the EV forum for better visibility.
    The 'General Veritas' forum is not really monitored by anyone. 

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        Depending on the amount of user archives to migrate:

        1 - disable user for archiving, export archive to mailbox in 2010, move mailbox

        2 - disable user for archiving, move mailbox. export archive to PST file, import PST into mailbox.

        for both, delete shortcuts in mailbox.

        assigning the permissions should not really be an issue, but if you have many users, you might want to look at a migration tool like Quadrotech or TransVault