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15 years ago

Enterprise Vault services do not start

 Hello, I have a problem in my Enterprise Vault environment. So, the problem is that E-vault services do not start. In "Administrators Guide" i've seen that If Enterprise Vault services d...
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    15 years ago
    Hello Bagrationi.

    Sounds like a system down to me. You might be better of calling support.

    Try this:
    1. Open services.msc on the ev-server
    2. get the properties of the ev admin service and the ev-directory service.
    3. goto logon tab
    4. set the password to what you changed it to.
    5. Start adminservice
    6. Start Directory service
    7. Open Vault console, logging in as Vault Service Account
    8. Right click the line " Directory on ' directory server' "
    9. Choose properties, then tab Service Account
    10. Change password there, apply.
    11. Verify that password is changed correctly (eventviewer etc)
    12. restart admin service
    If you have multiple EV-servers, then do step 1 to 6 on the other servers also.

    If this is production, do call support.