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3 years ago

EV Server refresh with Dell ECS storage

Hi all

I'd like to ask if anyone has previously completed an EV and Windows OS upgrade for an EV server that uses Dell ECS (elastic Cloud Storage) for hosting the vault store partitions. The EV server is a VMware VM and the approach will be to build a new VM running the later version of Windows (Win 2019) and the to use EV SSMW to migrate the EV settings to the new EV server. This is a pretty tried and tested approach for EV migrations but I'm curious if there are any gotcha's and\or considerations when using Dell ECS storage.

The storage (buckets) will need to be accessible to the new EV server VM to allow for the SSMW import process to complete - Is this a straight forward process? 

many thanks in advance


  • Hello Caden,

    PEA File on right location is sufficient. Everything else is indeed in the directory database.

    good luck!

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  • Hello,

    I have no experience on that, but are you going to the same EV version? If so, if you can shutdown the old server, then name the new server to the old servername, then install EV, and when running the configwizard, point to the existing directory DB, it should configure itself as it was. If you go to a newer version, you would run the EVDatabaseupgrader before starting the services.

    the new server needs to have the same drives/folders as the old one obviously, but that is obvious.

    SSMW works good as far as I know.

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      Thanks Gertjan

      Did I read somewhere that you run EV on EMC Centera? Is that your primary storage for the archives?

      If so have you run SSMW in the past to migrate the EV servers to new hardware\VM? just curious on the process for making sure the new EV servers have visibility of the vault store partitions on the Centera to allow the SSMW export process to complete ok.

      many thanks


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        Hi Caden,

        We switched to Isilon, but are running expiry for the Centera items left. So yes, used it. We did not use SSMW to move servers, but have done so manually. As Centera requires a PEA file to exist, we copied that first to the folder as used on existing servers, then moved EV. No issues occurred.

        Main thing is to keep the folder location for the PEA file the same.