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12 years ago

New Mailboxes are not being picked up to enable them for archiving


It seems EV is not picking up new mailboxes.  The mailboxes are in the correct OU.  We have 2 provisioning groups.  1 for our whole exchange environment, and another for shared mailboxes.

I have restarted services, and done a sync..  This was working a while ago, but now doesnt seems to be picking up any new ones.

If you need more info please let me know

Any help is appreciated


  • Hi Zoky,


    This is usually due to the issues associated with DNS/security and the NETBios name, see below article.

    I recommend backing up your SQL databse for EV 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' make the edit the 'DomainName' entry inside the 'dbo.Organisation' table to reflect the NETBios name and not just the short DNS name. Restart the 'EV Admin' on each of your EV servers.

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