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8 years ago

running upgrade scripts manually

Hello all, Planning an upgrade of EV9.0.4 to EV10.04 to EV11.0.1CHF5 There is doubt about the health of the EV9 databases. Due to this being a large environment, I would like to run a test upgrade ...
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    8 years ago


    This should do it: 

    1. Stop all EV Services on all EV Servers in the site.

    2. On the EV Server, go to the installation directory and copy the following scripts to the SQL Server running the Vault Store database. These then need to be run specficially in this order.
      - VaultStoreDB_8_Updates.sql
      - VaultStoreDB_8_Migrate.sql
      - VaultStoreDB_8_Updates2.sql
      - VaultStoreDB_8_Programmability.sql

    3. Start the EV Services.


    Disclaimer: Please do not attempt this in a production evniornment unless instructed by support!