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10 years ago

Total Count for archived items

Hello all,

One of my users faced an issue recently related to his archived data. When I tried exporting his archive to PST from enterprise vault server, it showed me an item count of 147 for one particular folder, however when I browse to that folder in user's outlook client, I can see that folder has 344 items with IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut message class. I have cross verified those shortcuts are not duplicate and/or orphaned. I suspected the issue to be with index mismatch with actual archived data and went on to rebuild the index for this user and now it correctly shows 344 items when I try exporting the user's archive to PST. I want to know how can I find out this discrepancy for all the users. Is there any SQL based query that I can use?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.