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2 years ago

Getting Permission denied when trying to login as admin

Hi All,


i am Getting Permission denied when trying to login as admin to one of my 5240 Appliances running /

i was thinking that maybe someone fat fingered the password during a change. went into single user mode and changed it to a new password, however still getting Access denied. i have also checked the inodes were ok. ran the following in single user mode -- let me know your thoughts

The appliance hostname in /etc/hosts

Check the sudoers file also from single user mode to make sure it's good with command:


Check also that root is not full

check that /log is not out of inodes : (df -ih | sort -nk5)

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  • Hi mj100 

    Your best option is to log a support call and have them help you fix the issue. There are a number of possible causes for this (password being one) and they will be able to help more quickly than we can here. 

    When you went to single user mode did you first disable the IPS system?