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8 years ago

How to accurately calculate dedup savings


We have several 5230 appliances, each with 70 TB MSDP pool running Netbackup 2.7.2

For reporting, we would like to report exactly how much data is stored on the MSDP

1) Number of TB Without compression
2) Number of TB With compression
3) Dedup ratio

Using CLISH, how could we report this (As the reports from OpsCenter don't make any sense...)

Hope you can help :)

Thank you in advance!

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      Automating reporting of appliances can be tricky, as we're not really supposed to drop to root shell and cron schedule our own scripts..., what you could do, if you have a spare "server" license, and certainly do able if you have a capacity license... is... we know there is no Windows based NetBackup Server installation type of "Remote Admin Console" in v7.7.x, so what you could do is provision a VM, install NetBackup Server as Media Server, add this "scripting / management / media server" as a media server to your appliances, and now you can run any of the "admincmd" and CLI tools.