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7 years ago

Role Configuration of Netbackup Appliance

i am trying to configure the appliance i start its wizard via web UI. when i select the appliance as a master server it is stuck and give me warning . for your reference i attached the screenshot. Please guide me 

  • I said :

    "valid Capacity or DPOO license"

    NetBackup Platform Base / Capacity Licensing Model:
    NetBackup Platform Base licensing is a capacity-based model using the amount of source data protected per-terabyte as the sole or primary calculation meter. This model is commonly referred to as capacity licensing or Front-End Terabyte (FETB) licensing. The Platform Base model enables customers to license NetBackup based on how much source data is protected rather than the number of NetBackup clients, agents, servers, and options deployed as with Traditional licensing.

    The Platform Base model is beneficial to customers who currently have, or plan to deploy, advanced features of NetBackup such as Enterprise Client (V-Ray, SAN Client, etc.), Data Protection Optimization (Intelligent Deduplication, Accelerator, OST (including cloud connectors, AIR), Replication Director, OpsCenter Analytics, or Application and Database Packs. The Platform Base licensing model includes most but not all NetBackup features and products.

    DPOO (Data Protection Optimization Option):
    NetBackup Appliance and the Traditional Licensing Model
    NetBackup customers on the Traditional licensing model must license the minimum software requirements listed below:
     NetBackup Server or Enterprise Server, Tier 2 Win/Lin/Solx86 (per master/media server).
    NetBackup Data Protection Optimization (per FETB of data deduplicated or used with Advanced Disk).
     Other components as required (clients, agents, and options).

    You cannot go ahead without one of the above licenses.

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  • I do not see any warnings - just informational messages.

    If I may ask - which model appliance and which version of appliance software? 
    I am curious about the the Symantec logos... 

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        So, this is quite an old appliance that you seem to be reconfiguring or reimaging with an equally old Appliance/NBU version?

        If this is the case, then the demo license key that comes with the initial software has long expired.
        You will need to use the CLISH to add a new license.

        I found this in a training manual: 

        If during the reconfiguration process, the media or master server appliance goes through an
        initial configuration, then you must use the appliance shell menu to install the license keys
        before the initial configuration process begins.