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12 years ago

VMware Datastore Zoning with Appliances

Very strange question came to me today. Datastore zoning must be done directly to Appliance or it should be via ESX!!! Also how to identify slot and port # from back side panel of appliance
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    12 years ago
    By default Fibre Transport is disabled on a 5220 which is what you want to do VMWare backups and Tape out - this means any ports can be used for these functions If you enable Fibre Transport it can change the mode of the cards (target / initiator mode) which is for SAN Media Server functions - so dont enable it just for VMWare and Tape out functions. All datastore LUNS need to be zoned to the required ports (dont mix tape and datastore LUNS on the same ports) As for port numbering it depends on which model you are using - but you can get a feel for which ports are doing what via the CLISH Manage - FibreChannel section and then Scan to detect new mappings and Show to show what you have - this shows the WWN's of the cards and what is attached to them Multi-pathing is not supported, though there was some talk of it being so at 2.5.2, the biggest issue being with a memory leak (also supposedly solved in 2.5.2) Hope this helps