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10 years ago

Hot Catalog backup producing 5 emails per day

I have been working on a new greenfield setup for our backup. One of the first things i have done is reimplement our daily hot catalog backup with off-site copy.

Of course i put an email address in the policy so we receive the DR information somewhere else then the backup systems.


What i am now noticing (more then with is that we receive a lot of emails from the Hot Catalog policy. In it was 3 emails per day (mother job, the actual backup and the SLP copy confirmation). With 7.7 i now get 5 emails, the mother, 3 sub jobs each backing up a certain part and the SLP copy.


Does anyone know if there is any way to just receive 1 email for the abckup and 1 email for the succesful SLP copy?



  • Asuming TN 64984 is correct ( it seems that my issue cannot be resolved.

    I receive emails for each backup as intended, even though it is 1 policy that spawns 5 jobs (master with 3 daughter jobs and 1 replication job).

    Since the jobs function as intended and the emails are sent as intended this is the correct working.


    No idea how i can make a suggestion to the devs to only sent a summary email for the master job except on failure, but will try to figure that out.


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