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  • The most simple (and unsupported way) is to copy the policy definition (they are plain text files)  from 

    UNIX: /usr/openv/netbackup/db/class/

    or windows [Install_path]/netbackup/db/class/

    to the destination master server. I do not know of any command line option or java console menu that will enable such a operation.

  • I agree with Nicolai. I have personally done this many times.

    Best to close all GUI's on destination server when copying policies across. Ensure that there is not already a policy with the same name before copying the chosen policy folder.

    You will need to update Storage Unit on destination master.

  • I have copied those policies from class directories to the class directory in new master server. When I refreshe, I still cant see the Policy appear in the new Master server. Should I copy other files also?

  • Should I copy other files also?

    There is nothing else to copy. The policy folder with all of its contents (files and sub-folders) contains all of the necessary policy info.

    Did you close all GUIs when you copied the policy?

    If you did, it may be necessary to restart NBU.

  • You can export the backup policies, just to be safe, to a text file through the command below:

    bppllist -U -allpolicies > C:\NetbackupPolicies.txt

    But you can not import them automatically or systematically so the only way is doing what has been said by Nicolai and Marianne.

  • There is no way to 'import' bppllist output on another server.

    Output can only be used as reference when recreating policies manually on new master.

  • yes. both master server is in the same platform and netbackup version.i have close all the gui. ithink it mght need to restart the nbu.

  • Try restarting the GUI on the new master servers.If Netbackup has been re-started it sometimes does't refresh with the right info.