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Hi all

I am experiencing a DRIVE's issue with netbackup since I've changed the SFP component.

I have a backup server (Hp ProLiant DL360p Gen8) with "PCIe 3.0 Low Profile x8" card.

The backup server is linked to a Symantec tape library via a ICSI cable + SFP component.

Last week all the "PCIe 3.0 Low Profile x8" LED were flashing, no backups performed and got the following error message:

RD-BMO-BCK01 login: NOHZ: local_Softirq_pending 100
  rport-2:0-0: blocked FC remote port time out: removing target and saving binding

After investigation, I had to replace the SFP component and restart both servers. Now no LEDs are OK but I am still not able to perform backup.

When checking at the "DRIVE MONITOR" menu, I can see that my drive is in DOWN-TLD status. When right-click I can see severals options such as "Up Drive".

Despite of this the "DEVICE/DRIVE" menu report that the drive is enabled.

All my tapes are in ACTIVE mode.

Since I've rebooted I lost the Netbackup's client conenction on my workstation.

Can someone help me to troubleshoot ?

In advance, I thank you for your help.

  • have one robot and one drive yet tpconfig says you have two robots and two drives one pair of which is a bit duff. I'd delete the stunits, all drives, all robots, start from scrach, ensure theres one and only one of each at the OS (assuming thats the real number you have) and then and only then recreate netbackup devices, stunits.jim

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